Our Technology

developing the future in fitness.

Raising the bar on high-technology workout wear.

Our development with the latest technologies in clothing keep athletes warmer or cooler, drier or even looking sweet.

Today, fitness clothing is compromised with elements of nanoparticles that absorb and eliminate moisture. Compression garments give muscles a boosting aesthetic and feel, the creatively-thin insulation keeps even coolest of athletes warm.

With the development of nanotechnology in clothing and other progressive innovations we encompass in our designs, the textiles we implement in our line(s) of clothing are becoming more and more sophisticated. Every facet of engineering, science, and manufacturing is consistently developing the technologies introduced decades ago. Elaborate new materials are in our gear an available to the most elite and relaxed athletes alike. "We're on the very beginning of a competitive journey".

The development of our "Mensa" fitness apparel € sports bras / T-shirts / Shorts / Pants, etc. are all made with special composed fibers that can eliminate the need for the worrying of being "sweat free or freezing cold". Many fitness apparel products have flooded the market, but are not what they cut out to claim.

Our technologies and innovations used are geared toward making the wearer feeling more comfortable and able to move freely - in turn, letting every athlete run faster, climb higher, and cycle longer. Many of our sophisticated fabrics available have evolved from € a mere inquisition of our engineers wantin to acquire the promise of being the best.

Fitwearusa produces fitness clothes that take styles and comfort into account. Our cotton innovations handle dirt and moisture € and most importantly you. The fabric is treated with a nano-native technology, a high-tech finish that creates a fine finish.

We€ve advanced the older, "wicking" approaches, in which moisture is dispersed throughout the fabric so it evaporates more quickly. Fitwearusa often looks to nature for inspiration, and that's we have inspired the development of the organic cotton line. "There is a very fine structure of our leaves, nature at its finest€

growing only makes you stronger.



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